Sex toys totally useless? Or an insider tip?

You may see that I don't rate each and every sex toy, but I do review the ones I feel are the most appropriate and that are well reviewed.

I also have links to Amazon, which is a great way to find Amazon products, or find a store near you. The sex toys I have reviewed are: *I review sex toys because of my love of sex and desire to help people find the best sex toys. *When it comes to the sex toys that I review, I think they have to meet a few different criteria: 1. The toy should be comfortable to wear for at least 10 minutes or longer. I know it can be hard to keep an item in place, but I'm not a big fan of tight-fitting stuff. 2. I will try to get it right the first time and give as many positive reviews as possible so that you will be happy with it. I will also do my best to explain everything clearly so that the item can be found by you or your friends. 3. The sex toys reviewed here must be discreet. I try to show as little as possible about how I use my toys to prevent a customer from being worried about their purchase.

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